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A brave new tic-tac-toe awaits you! Your progress is auto-saved to your browser so you may select stage where you left off. Check out supporter page for bonus contents!

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About this game

This game's base rule is as same as the classic tic-tac-toe. More rules are added as you play and the game gets progressively more complicated.

・It plays as a normal tic-tac-toe, but every time you win there will be a new rule added to the game.

・For example, there will be numbered marks where you can destroy your opponent's mark by placing one with a bigger number, special marks that can manipulate the field in unique ways, etc.

・Playtime is about less than 1 minute per stage. It's still tic-tac-toe, but with rich rule sets waiting to be discovered.

・The game has flexible difficulties. Hard mode is made for seasoned board game veterans. Hard really means hard here.

・The game is totally free-to-play with no gotcha. Most devices that support web browsers should be able to run this game.

・For content creators: no explicit licenses/permissions are required to stream/make videos of this game. I appreciate everyone who makes contents about the game!


■Collaborators & Materials■

J-to-E Translator: Draco Gideon(@DracoGideon)
背景イラスト・女の子:mid journey

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Please refrain from extracting materials.

Update History

(23/03/31)ver.1.0.6 Translated into English and published.

(23/03/31)ver.1.0.7 Fix hashtags in tweets.

(23/05/16)ver.1.0.8 Resolved an issue where pieces could not be placed.

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2023 作っちゃうおじさん Created (@hothukurou)