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I make games you can play on a mobile device or PC!

Play up to 3 P-Cards each battle to defeat your enemies & strengthen your deck!
Short and simple, but addicting!
Ft. Ageage the Chicken

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* Hope you enjoy, but play addicting games responsibly! Take stretch breaks.


Ageage's Sprites: m7kenji
Backgrounds & Game Animation: Pippoya Warehouse
Monster Sprites: RPGDot
Final Boss Background: Pakutaso
Soundtrack & Sound Effects: PANICPUMPKIN


In this game, you enter battles with monsters and draw P-Cards to try to defeat the enemy within 3 draws.

The card's number indicates the damage it does to the Enemy's HP.
You can see the P-Cards you have on the bottom of the screen:

The strength of P-Cards go from 0 (no damage) to 9. The higher the better!

You start with 10 cards, half being 1P and the other half being 0P.

You can select any enemy you want to fight each battle if it's unlocked.

If your P-Card total is greater than the Enemy's HP within 3 draws, you win the battle!

Defeating enemies gives you stronger P-Cards, allowing you to strengthen your deck!

When you first start a game, the most damage you can deal is 3, if your luck is good.
But, P-Cards that enemies drop usually match their HP value.

For example: Say you defeated a Gross Goblin with a total over 2 HP.

The P-Card the goblin would drop would be 2P.

Your weaker cards will usually get in your way, so what to do about them?

DEFEAT might sound discouraging, but it's exactly how to get rid of weak cards!

You'll be asked if you want to discard one of each P-Card type you used when you lose.

Try to get rid of the 0P cards you start with, they get in the way the most.

By the time most of your 0P cards are gone, it'll be fairly easy to defeat a Goblin.

But then you'll be using 2P cards, and then 1P cards will get in your way...! The cycle continues.

Eventually the harder bosses will unlock, leading up to ISOLADDON...defeat them, and you've cleared the whole game!

Another game of mine with Ageage the Chicken in it (Japanese):

Adventure of Ageage-kun


Robinson Hyoryu-ki (roughly translated to "Robinson's Journey")
A singleplayer deck building card game - I wanted to use the "discard on defeat" mechanic because I liked it!

Yomi Kara No Kikan (Return From The Afterlife)
One of my previous games - this game was the result of trying to simplify gameplay more.

Okina Ohana O Arigatou! (Thanks for The Big Flower!)
Another previous game of mine - It came from the sudden desire to make a game about reproduction. The idea of simple UI and rules carried over to this project.


5/11/20: Initial release. No sound yet.

5/11/20: Added sound, starting over, surrendering, and a result screen.


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