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It is a web application that loads your favorite images and makes them plump.

I am trying to read the image of the pudding as a sample. First, let's get used to this pudding.

This is the screen immediately after loading.

There are dots and lines on the screen. This is called a mesh.

By moving the points of this mesh, you can make it plump.

The green dot is the moving point.

When the moving point moves, the image is distorted and makes it look plump.

Press Start operation at the bottom right to actually move the pudding.

The intensity of the movement can be changed in the "range of moving points".

If you hit a large number such as

100, you should witness an unusually sharp pudding.

If you press the "To manual operation" button, it will move manually.

When manually, drag or flick to shake.

That's all for the explanation. Next, I will explain how to create a mesh.

How to create a mesh

The default mesh seems to have room for improvement.

From here, let's build a mesh with your own power and make the pudding plump well.

Click End Operation.

You can place a point at the clicked position.

The key is where to hit this point. Let's try and error.

With the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can "Delete points" and "Set moving points" in green.

In the deletion / fixed point setting, the points are enlarged to make it easier to press.

When deleting a point is selected, you can delete it by clicking the point.

Press the fixed point setting to set the clicked point as the fixed point.

Please note that the moving point should be covered with a red dot.

This is because "the triangle surrounded by dots is transformed and displayed". Cover the fixed point with a red dot so that the fixed point is inside the triangle.

If you repeat this and make trial and error, the pudding should move smoothly and smoothly as shown in the figure below. At that time, please smile with a smile and feel happy.

To you who shook the pudding well

Once you get used to it, try another image. You can load the image from your PC by pressing the button to load the image.

There are copyrights in the world, so please obtain permission not to infringe the copyrights of other people's works, or enjoy yourself in secret. If you encounter any problems, please take responsibility.

There is no problem with copyright, for example, there is no problem with making original illustrations drawn by yourself plump, so if you publish such videos on SNS, everyone will be happy.

For example ... like this.

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